Devlog 26 May-2020

The road ahead..

Photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash

Things we did lately

Fixed collecting hexagons

          There was an issue with hexagons collection that was causing the amount collected be out of sync with the acctual value.

Remove platform equation

          This is a big one. After some feedback decided that the equation on platform is too much, so decided to remove them. Of course we could’t ignore that this was one of the core ideas of the game, so instead we will now have just one number to represent the platform’s weight. And to make it more intresting and let the player’s action acctually matter added triggers on each platfrom that can change the weight.

Modified Area and bomb explosion effects

          Bombs and explosions behaved differently when interacting with enemies/player and so we tried to get them to a unified effect state – WIP

Change environmental style from 2D to 3D objects projection

          This is a major change. We considered mixing the 2D with 3D elements for a more in-depth look of the game. After testing with some assets we feel is the right choice.

Changed physics and added new moving platforms to work with the new physics

          Of course by changing the environment and mixing 2D with 3D it was expected that some part of the code will need adjustment as well.

Added new mechanic to destroy enemies under falling objects

          Purely because one feedback was that falling objects should damage/kill enemies I gave it a shot to see how it looks/feels. Turned out to be a win.

Added gun evolution system

           It is still a work  in progress but it has the basic functionality.Each shape will have it’s own evolution path.

Changed Enemy hit animation

Changed Enemy hit animation and re-asign animator separately for each enemy type for better control

Added bullet effect system

          Adding Freeze Shot, Slow Shot, Blind Shot was a really nice improvement as it gives the player a lot more options. At this time Bullet effects are also shape restricted and applied only temporary.

Unifying bullet scripts

          Some code required attention again.

Added sound effects

          Added sound for bullets, explosions, hits, impact, charging shot, freeze effects, debris bricks and frozen, knife projectiles and more.

Added chance for bricks to drop power Ups

          Since the levels have a lot of destructible walls why not use those to get power ups? For now it seems a good idea.

Added Hanging Exploding Boxes

          Just to make the word more responsive added these boxes that explode on impact.

Added visuals and sounds for bullet effects on enemies

          For some of the effects* WIP

Improved Enemy behavior

          There is always room to improve the AI, but every bit counts. 

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