Devlog 10-Apr-2020

Keep at it

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

Things we did past two weeks

Boss animation and mechanics

          Reiterating over boss animations and mechanics to make it more responsive.

Fixed item system using item but not granting item

          By testing the game, found that in some cases the item was being used but not actually grant the item/ability. 

Fixed EdgeWalls causing player to pass through if attacked by enemy

          Bug found by one of the playtesters, some enemies have quite a fast attack and in some areas the walls had a very slim collider – result was obvious: player would pass through walls if pushed ferociously in that zone.

Evolutive shot(triangle)

Worked on one of the evolutive shots (unlocked at a later stage of the game). Turned out great and part of the code served very well as starting point for the power up visual script.

Work In Progress – Power Up system

          Power Up system was intended for the game core mechanics from the start. Finally we started working on it: materials, colors, types, category and effects are just a few of the stuff we had to consider

Improve Player jump animations

          Added  take off, landing and shooting animations for the player to make it more dynamic. I still need to reiterate and improve upon but at least now is closed to what we want.

Main Menu concept

          We started to make at least a concept for the main menu, in order to move closer to a demo release.

Work In Progress – added more icons and power ups

          There is a lot more to do on this but managed to add a few more power up icons and mechanics which improve on game feel and play.

Charging shot improvement

          Charging shot which was previously added was somewhat glitchy, so took a whole day to optimize it.

Power Ups reinforced by color code

         Altough the power up system started with a more complicated verion on paper. When tested in game, decided to drop on some layers of it and improve the readability which in term was due to color coding.

Power up GUI

          Of course power ups need to visually impact the user to know what it actually happens. Even though i thought it will be an easy task, this gave me a lot more work than anticipated.

Change game name

          Decided on a game name change, and so we will need to redesign the logo for the game in the future. At least we settled on the name now: GeoAdventure – the challenge.

Work In progress – tutorial

          Every game need some sort of tutorial, be it small tips or a whole system of rules. We want to create an interactive  tutorial, but we’ll see what we end up with.

Changed Text animation for score gain

          When score was gained the text animation was somewhat slow and static, and added a bit more ‘life’ to it. It feels a lot better

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