Devlog 17-Mar-2020

Keep going

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Things we did this week

Item system

          At the beginning of the week spend almost two days implementing an item system that can be used later and improved upon(since the power up system is still not set up). At the end of the week I noticed a few issues with it that are due to be fixed next week.

Improved enemy’s target detection

          Improved enemy collision check and made them react to any hits they take from the player.

Title and icon

         Dedicated some time to work on Title and icon. We came up with

Fixed colectible text not showing the right amount on explosion

          Discovered there was an issue with the amount of damage taken on multiple targets, displaying the right amount only on single targets.

Work in progress on level 2

          Level 1 was finished so, Level 2 is in the works. I know it is not the best workflow to create each level manually but it gives me a sense of creation more than procedural creation.

Improved moving platforms script

          After testing a few times transition from level 1 to level 2 found an issue with the moving platforms preventing them from moving when passing from once scene to another.

Added new wall structures

          Destructing walls structures as prefabs saves alot of time and so added a few more viriety to the list.

Added time recovery item

          In order to get more testing on the item system that was recently implemented added a time recovery item to go along with the player’s ability.

Improved attack on pentagon shape

          Playing with the idea to differentiate each shape the player can take lead to adding a specific attack for the pentagon shape. This was a result of the many tests conducted which seemed to point out that the pentagon shape was the least loved amongst.

Reduced the fire cooldown on square shape

          It was only fair to do something special for the other shape types as well, so the square was the lucky one to get it’s fire rate increased.

Added first Boss enemy

          It is still far from perfect but  a working boss enemy type is ready to be tested and improved. So far his place in the word is unknown, need to work on that too.

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