Devlog 09-Mar-2020

Few more steps

unsplash-logoLubo Minar

Things we did this week

Change enemies animations to physics handled

          It was a tough decision but I think is the right one. It seemed easier to create animations for the enemies with the animator but by doing it so the physics system gave way to some issues. It had to be fixed.

Fix enemies shield (sometimes bullets passed through)

          Because in the beginning the bullets moved slower the shield seemed ok, but once faster bullets were introduced the shield started to miss some bullets. 

Added obstruction check for enemies attacks

         Noticed that sometimes enemies pass through obstacles during their attack so the check minimized this issue.

Area explosion behavior and explosion effect for player and enemies

          It may require more adjustment in the future but for now the explosion has a better effect and it takes into account player, enemies and destructable objects.

Redesign some animation for enemies

          Spent some time to adjust the timing and to add idle animations for the existing enemies, trying to make them a bit more “alive”.

Change game pace

          It felt somewhat slow, and so decided to set the pace a bit higher from the speed point of view.

Added destructable walls with animations and physics

          Destructable walls were a part of the core game mechanics so it was only a matter of time until implementation.

Integrate secret attack for player

          Just to make the player a bit more interesting, added a secret attack for him.

Improved the transition screen upon level complete

          It’s still a work in progress but  every new iteration leads to new ideas.

Broke prefab of initial enemy to create separate behaviour for each type of enemy

          Postponed this until it finally turned into a problem. Because I had all enemy types connected every time I needed to change a feature or mechanic on a certain type of enemy, inevitably other enemies were affected by the change, which in turn, ment extra work. Now every enemy type has his own prefab and is clearer each time a change has to be made.

Fixed enemy collision issues with platforms and walls

          Fixed some more issues that arose on enemy collisions.

Level 1 design

In order to test properly , needed to set up a full level, so level 1 is now finished(even tho it may suffer changes in the future).

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